TANDEM Rail Scale

Model: Rice Lake SURVIVOR



• Gross capacity—85 tons to 170 tons
• Sectional capacity—85 tons
• Module sizes—12'6", 15', and 18' available
• Platform width—7'8", 18.5" low profile design
• Bolted checkered steel top plate; side accessible
• Designed for 115 lb and 132 lb rail
• Longitudinal and lateral checking assemblies
with top access
• 100K CSP1-100K load cells
• Lightning and surge suppression kit
• Rail clips for deck
• Anti-creep angles
• Low profile above grade installation
• Outside access covers for load cells
• Copper transient bypass cables
• In-bridge conduit runs
• NTEP Certified, CC#02-087, 98-009
• Meets AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specs



• Approach rail base plates, rail clips
• Anchor bolts for approach rail plates
• Custom sizes available
• Hardware for intermediate section
• Anchor bolts for load cell and check stands