Measurement Canada Inspection

LCT Measurement Services is a company affiliated with Balances Industrielles Montréal and offers a complete and independent federal certification.

Our technicians are certified by Measurement Canada and are always available to perform inspections on your legal for trade scales.


*** Please read information below ***

Notice of modification of the Law

Montreal, February 20 th, 2015 – The Weights and Measures Act was recently modified and it is the responsibility of the owners of legal for trade scales to have them inspected. The frequency of the required inspections ranges from annual to five-years. They vary depending on the sectors and device type. Here is the list of sectors concerned by this change:


Forestry Fishing
Dairy Grain and Field Crops
Mining Retail Petroleum
Downstream Petroleum Retail Food


"Only authorized service providers of Measurement Canada are qualified to perform these new mandatory inspections." - Measurement Canada

It is important to comply promptly with this new measure in order to avoid receiving a fine. Contact a service provider to find out when you should plan your first inspection or your reinspection.


For more information, contact Paul Labelle : 514-932-9426 #226 or