Balances Industrielles Montreal (BIM) inc. specializes in designing customized weighing systems of any size from automated traceable weighing process to custom software development through integration with existing databases, integrated weighing process can be developped to your specific needs. The strength and skill of BIM lies precisely in the implementation of affordable tailor-made solutions for all gravimetric projects, here are some examples of what BIM can do for you.

Instead of offering to purchase a longer scale to suit the changing needs of its client, Balances Industrielles Montréal decided to rise up to the challenge and find a way to bu
This scale allows an optimized barrel filling and mixing process: this design minimizes handling  efforts thanks to the lower base while allowing to weigh additives on the upper
BIM was mandated by a recycling company for the development of an automatic legal for trade weighing system to be integrated into a tipping truck platform.
For nearly 20 years, BIM designs and manufactures automated weighing and mixing systems for plastics.
As part of an engineering study, Balances Industrielles Montréal was mandated to measure and record the loads acting on the gigantic unloading structu
Development of an integrated system for conducting and managing the reception, weighing and measuring raw wood logs sent to a wood floor plant.