Balances Industrielles Montréal (BIM) inc. is a thriving Quebec SME employing thirty people. Our head office in Saint-Rémi has a large repair shop, a welding shop, a laboratory, a service department, a programming department, an engineering department and a warehouse. Our manufacturing plant, also in Saint-Rémi, enables the implementation of large projects such as assembly and finishing of DURABIM vehicle scale.

BIM is Quebec's largest SME in the field of weighing and stands out for its ability to produce tailor-made structural, systemic and software: unlike the giants who offer standardized products, BIM can provide custom solutions in a collaborative development approach with the client. With this in mind, BIM accept  the most complex projects that others have deemed impossible: these challenges are the engine that drives the company to constant innovation.

In short BIM is distinguished by its ability to provide a bespoke integrated manufacturing and innovation that make our products and services of a quality that rivals the biggest players in the market.

Our office are open from 8 am to 5 pm, for emergency call consult the "service" section