Custom Hopper Scale for Tank

All BIM weighing systems for tanks are custom designed to your specifications. Whatever the type of tank, BIM is able to make the necessary changes (in the workshop or at the customer) to integrate an accurate weighing system. If your tank is supplied and installed by a third party, we can provide sets of pre-calibrated load cells and mounting ready to install.



  • All capacity available, graduation depend on capacity
  • 3 or 4 load cells kit, tension or compression
  • All of our vessel load cell mounting features a safety check system
  • Many indicators available



  • Stainless steel load cells
  • Remote display / scoreboard
  • Communication card (most protocols available)
  • Permanent calibration system
  • Custom software (PC and Indicator)
  • Actuator control
  • Alarms
  • And more..


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