Extra High Capacity Custom Hopper Scale

All BIM hopper scales are tailored to your specificationsIn addition to the load cells / indicator system, we are able to provide and produce the hopper assembly including traps, sensors, actuators and vibratorsAll our systems include integrated calibration supports and an optional permanent pneumatic calibration systemIf your hopper is provided by a third party, we can provide load cells kits pre calibrated at full capacity ready to install.



  • Approved "legal for trade" in Canada
  • Integrated calibration supports
  • Custom production integration
  • Many controllers available depending on selected options



  • Remote display / scoreboard
  • Communication card (most protocols available)
  • Permanent calibration system
  • Custom software (PC and Indicator)
  • Actuators control (traps, sensors, etc..)
  • Alarms
  • And more..



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