Rice Lake Monorail Scale

Model: Rice Lake MS200/202



  • 8" long live rail designed to weigh one trolley at a time
  • 750 lb x .5 lb resolution in both portable and permanent models
  • Available for rail sizes 3/8" x 2 1/2" or 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  • Requires less than 41" of straight rail to install (14" between rail hangers for permanent model)
  • Zinc plated, steel construction
  • High accuracy, stainless steel load cell
  • 25' of load cell cable for flexible installation
  • Slightly recessed live rail for the trolley roller provides stable weighments
  • Many indicators available (depend on selected options)
  • 2 years limited waranty



  • Communication card (most protocols available)
  • Barcode printer
  • Accumulation, checkweighin and statistics functions
  • Weighing management software
  • Stainless steel version available


See manufacturer's documentation here